Your Mind, In a Robot Body


Soon, robots will do dangerous and hazardous work so humans don’t have to. We are taking the decision-making power of a person and seamlessly connecting it to robots to make this future happen.



In 2016, over 6,000 people lost their lives from occupational injuries across the United States and Canada. Another 1 million workers were required to take days away from work, predominantly due to joint and muscle injuries. In many industries, risk to individual workers’ well being is unavoidable.


The only way to achieve zero harm for workers is to not put workers in harm's way.

What started as a bomb disposal robot has become a mission to remove workers from hazardous and dangerous work in all industries by sending a robotic avatar in their place.


To accomplish this mission, we're developing IRIS. It's an easy-to-use human-robot interface that combines Virtual Reality (VR) technology and robotics into something we call telereality.

IRIS provides all the brain power of a person with none of the physical risks.


IRIS consists of a control box, which contains the head mounted display, and a camera head to allow the user see from the robot’s perspective remotely.

What separates IRIS from traditional teleoperation is:

  • Very little training is needed due to its intuitive control.

  • Awareness of the robot’s environment that rivals being there in person.

  • The ability to control multiple robotic manipulators of any size and configuration.

  • Faster and more precise control.

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