Your Mind in a Robot Body



At Taiga Robotics, we have developed IRIS, a platform that enables users to control any robot or articulate machine remotely via a Virtual Reality (VR) interface. With this technology robotic/machine operation becomes easy and intuitive, reducing training time. IRIS is a combination of proprietary software and hardware that can be attached and integrated with any robot or machinery, combining the brain power of a person with the power and durability of machines.



There are many nuances in construction that require years of experience to understand and master. Taiga has developed a robotic construction worker that can make mundane, risky, and strenuous jobs easier. Our robot allows a construction worker to lay conduit, paint, lift and hold heavy objects in place, work at heights, and drill, all while comfortably seated in safety though IRIS. Our goal is to have workers go home not feeling like they have been on site all day while eliminating the risks usually involved.


Mines expose workers to a wide range of hazards including high temperatures, airborne irritants, explosives, and unstable tunnels. Taiga Robotics is working to create various solutions to retrofit mining and robot equipment with IRIS, removing workers from these dangers. IRIS is able to control jumbos, shotcrete machines, continuous miners, and even mobile robotic arms to handle explosives for blasting. By moving workers to safety, mines will be able to dig deeper, cut back on ventilation, and even optimize usage of bolts and shotcrete for operational efficiency once safety is not a factor.


Unmanned Ground Vehicles are used by law enforcement and the military. They rely on robots to handle situations with hazards created with the intent to harm or kill others, the ability of the robot and its operator to respond to any situation could be the difference between life and death. With IRIS, a UGV becomes a natural extension of the operator allowing them to focus on the problem rather than the operation of their robot. IRIS has been recognized with a letter of endorsement from the Canadian Explosive Technician Association for its potential to keep the men and women in uniform safe.


The potential consequences to worker health in the nuclear industry are answered by some of the strictest safety standards. Every minute that a worker needs to spend in a radioactive zone needs planned and rehearsed to reduce exposure. When challenged by the unexpected, a remotely operated robots using IRIS can respond instead of a worker, reducing unnecessary exposure and getting operations back on track faster.


Our Story

What started out as an idea to make bomb disposal robots easier to use quickly turned into a passion of removing people from dangerous work environments. Read more about our founders and their vision for the future of robotics.


The idea is to make a universal platform that makes robotics more accessible to the general workforce


Whats being said about US

Since we have began 3 years ago we have gotten lots of positive feed back and industry recognition. Check out our Partners.