The Future of Robotics


IRIS was born from a belief that the future of robotics lies in improving human-machine interfaces and giving workers the speed, precision, and strength of machines.


What Does IRIS do?


IRIS is an immersive human machine interface (HMI) that uses a head mounted display and a proprietary robot head to place the mind of the operator into the remote body of a machine. With a physical description of the machine it’s controlling (i.e. link lengths and joint angles), IRIS is able to reduce the control inputs to simply moving one’s hand the way they want the machine to move.

The control station is able to communicate to the head over high speed local IP networks. For more information on network requirements or other specifications, please contact us below.


Who is IRIS For?


Are your employees performing dangerous or hazardous work?

Does the work involve physically interacting with the environment (rather than just observing it)?


Are there operational costs (time or money) associate with using people to do the job?

Does the work have a layer unpredictability or is otherwise hard to automate?